What’s at Stake?

Put simply, the sell-off of land and the Goods Shed at Ballarat Station puts in jeopardy our:

  • Capacity to provide enough space to allow for expanded demand for transport services in future;
  • Capacity for car parking, now and in future;
  • Destruction and loss of our unique Goldfields rail heritage;

The use of $27m (out of the $32m spend by the Andrews Government) to subsidise a private hotel, convention and shopping precinct:

  • Gives a subsidy to an out-of-town developer to undercut existing accommodation, events and retailing businesses (who get no government subsidy to buy and build their businesses)

The things that $32m spent wisely could have done to improve the Station for:

  • Been part of a truly long-term vision for the development of the precinct (a dinkum master plan focused on making the most of our unique heritage while transforming the area into a 21st Century transport hub.)
  • People with disabilities and mobility challenges;
  • All station users;
  • Car Parking;
  • Safe and segregated movement around the site;
  • Weather protection and warm waiting areas;
  • Protection of our heritage rail precinct, now and in the future;
  • Upgraded toilet facilities and other amenities for commuters.