SOS Ballarat Inc

Save Our Station SOS Ballarat was established in the middle of 2016 by a number of concerned citizens who were independently concerned about the poor public consultation on this project, and the direction in which it was headed with no improvements to the transport needs of the community and the unnecessary destruction of much of our Nationally significant railway heritage and Lydiard St heritage.

SOS Ballarat is now Incorporated

Our full title is Save Our Station SOS Ballarat Inc.  We are a not-for-profit incorporated association, registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria, Registration No. A0101997R.

The purposes of the association are—

  • To encourage investment in the Ballarat rail precinct which ensures its future effectiveness as a transport hub, whilst avoiding development that limits the future transport opportunities.
  • To promote investment in the short-term for redevelopment of the site consistent with a long-term vision for it to be an effective and efficient fully integrated transport hub for the century ahead.
  • To preserve through appropriate reuse, as much of Ballarat’s outstanding and unique rail heritage as is possible.
  • To ensure new development on the site does not compromise the heritage values of adjacent heritage precincts.