More lies from the Andrews government – and our so-called local minister!

Jaala Pulford, Minister for Regional Development in the Andrews government, has stated (Ballarat Times, 11 October) that SOS is telling lies about the rail station precinct project, such as car parking and disability access. NOT TRUE, MINISTER!

Since when are facts lies?

As to car parking, previously there were 460 public spaces at ground level. When the three-tier carpark is complete, there will only be 407 parking spaces. We need in excess of 1,000. FACT

And as to disability access, SOS has been demanding that the Andrews government address disability access at the station precinct, not just throughout the car park, but, importantly, for both the north and south platforms. FACT

Let us remind everyone that the current state government has proposed nothing. That is why Grampians dis-Ability Advocacy has taken the government to VCAT to force its neglect to be rectified. FACT

Our Ballarat central station is the only station on this rail corridor not to be made DDA compliant. Why? FACT