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No Station Sell Out Campaign

NoSellOutDL A huge thank you to over 30 volunteers who delivered more than 20,000 DL Flyers to Ballarat letterboxes, and more than a thousand households have responded to Josh Morris’ office since.

People of all political persuasions helped with the deliveries, even though for some it was critical of the party that they may support, or are a member of.  Such is the strength of feeling about the importance of Ballarat Station, and the inappropriateness of the proposed redevelopment, that people put aside their political preferences.

It is our belief that it is only by making this an electoral issue, that the government will see the wisdom of changing course. (We had hoped that the mass media would run with the 1000+ responses, but none did. -We either have to make our stories more newsworthy for mass media, or find alternative ways to spread our message.)

If you have not received a DL Flyer or it has gone astray, you may still download and complete a No Station Sell Out DL Flyer.  Click Here to Download.

Engage with the Community

It is important that our message continues to be a topic of conversation in the local community.

Many people choose to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to communicate with family, friends and comment on current happenings, but many people may not be into social media and prefer to use other means of communication.  In order to help facilitate this communication, a list of media and political contacts has been compiled and may be downloaded by Clicking Here.

Remember, it is through a collective of voices that Ballarat’s political aspirants will attune their campaigns. Don’t be silent.