Save Our Station Ballarat Inc Identity theft in Ballarat Election Campaign

Media Release 13 Nov 2018 4:18 pm:

Save Our Station Ballarat Inc (SOS) has this afternoon been informed that somebody or group is using our branding – name and colours of our campaign (red and black) without our permission, we condemn this in the strongest possible terms.

SOS Ballarat Inc has taken measures to have the signage removed and the handing out of pamphlets immediately stopped.

The matter was reported to the Victorian Electoral Commission as soon as we were made aware of this identity theft.

The unauthorised printed material states: ‘Put Labor Last’

In no way has SOS approved or given approval for the printing of such material.

Once we have established who is responsible for this SOS Ballarat Inc we will make a further statement.

Ron Egeberg
For and on behalf of Save Our Station Ballarat Inc

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