#springst @DanielAndrewsMP in case you missed it, there are misgivings over the Ballarat RailwayStation – Part 5 #ChangeThePlanDan

From The Courier 04 Oct 2018

Congratulations must go to the SOS group! Their efforts over the last months have been admirable.  One of the group’s achievements has been to succeed in getting Sharon Knight to write an article on the station situation from the Daniel Andrew’s government position.

Nowhere does Sharon in her article/statement mention that it is a parcel of Crown land which has been sold, given or leased to a private developer to develop a hotel/apartment block. She states that the land is a parcel of land surplus to V-Line needs.  Perhaps some more car-parking spaces would have been of equal value to Ballarat.

The plans for the site are a little hard to find, but when they are found, a major concern (apart from the sell-off of Crown land) apparent is the lack of facilities for disabled people. I have made the presumption that the present Disabled parks at the Station precinct will remain, which are four in number.  In the plans , there are only two disabled car parks on the ground floor of the new carpark and another one in the carpark of the hotel/apartment block.   I doubt that these extra three disabled car parks are sufficient in number.  In addition,  these parks are a long way from the station for a disabled person considering that the distance across to the station, out onto Lydiard Street, through the railway gates and back to get to Platform 1 will have to be traversed!  I cannot find any mention of a lift!  One or two Disabled parks in Ararat Street have already  been lost in the bus rerouting debacle and have not been replaced!

Another concern is that there has been no indication as to whether there will be a cost to park in the new carpark.  Some reassurance about the cost of parking would be reassuring!


Joyce Currie, Wendouree

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