#springst @DanielAndrewsMP in case you missed it, there are misgivings over the Ballarat RailwayStation – Part 3 #ChangeThePlanDan

From The Courier 04 Oct 2018

When a person is in deep water they tend to splash, make a lot of noise and raise their arms in defeat, in an attempt, to gain attention.

Nothing could indicate this more than the reading of the Opinion Piece by Sharon Knight in The Courier Saturday 29 September 2018.

I was most excited to read Ms Knights’s claim ( Opinion 29/9); “Firstly, any suggestion that the station is for sale or is being sold off is simply untrue.

The Ballarat Railway Station is, and will remain, owned by all of us”.

If this is fact, then it is fantastic news and really means that the Goods Shed and the adjacent land has not, or will not, be sold to the developer and that the land will remain under the ownership of the Crown and could be used for transport services.

“The Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment will not, as some have misleadingly claimed, “destroy” the heritage of the station. Most obviously, the Ballarat Railway Station is not part of this project, and it has never been. The project is being undertaken within the station precinct and no changes are being made to the station because of the redevelopment”.

Again, if this is fact, there will be no alterations or renovations to the station including disability access because of the heritage overlay of the buildings. It would appear, that Ms Knight, as the local representative of the Andrews government, has been instructed, because of the outcry, to sell this very poor redevelopment proposal at the Ballarat Station through her opinion piece. She has failed miserably.

Paul Jenkins, Alfredton

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