#springst @DanielAndrewsMP in case you missed it, there are misgivings over the Ballarat RailwayStation – Part 2 #ChangeThePlanDan

From The Courier 04 Oct 2018

Recently there was a contribution  from local member for Ballarat, Sharon Knight on the need for “facts” in the discussions on the changes to Ballarat Railway station and provision of parking for rail users.

In Ms Knight’s second paragraph she refers to “improved parking” but does not volunteer any “facts” as to the number of spaces available in the past and the number available when the project is finally completed. Rumour has it there will be considerably less on completion.  Could Ms Knight please supply “the facts”?

There is a pressing and urgent need to increase (and continue to increase) the available parking for commuters if Ballarat’s population is going to grow along the lines that experts are predicting.

Each commuter car park generates income for Ballarat with the after tax wages being spent here. If we “choke” the ability of additional users to be able to park then Ballarat will be the poorer.

Neil Sinclair, Lake Wendouree

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