#springst SOS Month of Community Action Launch

‘Change the plan Dan’


Dear SOS Friends


On Monday (3 September) at 11am, on the Lydiard Street footpath in front of our historic central Ballarat rail station we will kick off our month-long ‘Change the plan Dan’ campaign to tell the Premier and our Labor representatives and candidates what must happen asap at our historic station and precinct, and why!


Please join us to make this event memorable and effective.

This is a media event. We will have placards and posters for you to make a statement that won’t be missed.

Remember, ‘Change the plan Dan’ is about ensuring our historic central Ballarat rail station and precinct becomes a 21st century all abilities accessible transport hub with adequate parking for commuters into the long term future.

We look forward to your participation and ongoing support.


Save Our Station Ballarat Inc


September – Month of Community Action

3 September 2018

From today, Save Our Station Ballarat Inc is commencing a month-long community action plan calling on the Andrew’s state government to “change its plan”, or lack of one at our historic rail station precinct.

The Andrews Labor government is selling off half of our historic central Ballarat rail station precinct, including our heritage buildings, for non-transport uses! The land and buildings are essential for our future transport and parking needs. They are simply selling our station short.

The government is spending $32 million, the proceeds of the sale is $6 million. They are gifting the site plus $21 million to a private developer to build an imposing, five-storey “block of flats”. These self-contained apartments and the proposed conversion of the Goods Shed into a meeting space and retail area are unwanted and unwarranted!

Our unique heritage is under immediate threat; our historic station is to have nothing spent on it – no essential restoration, no improvement to patron comfort, and no maintenance of its historic fabric.

The Save Our Station’s (SOS) “Change the Plan, Dan” campaign has been designed to apply pressure to Daniel Andrews to “change the plan” to ensure $32 million is spent on the station and precinct redevelopment to create a 21st-century transport hub and facility that has essential disability access and adequate parking to cater for the future needs of commuters.

SOS President Gerald Jenzen said: “The month of community action is a result of the community’s dissatisfaction with what is and what isn’t happening at our historic central station. The consensus is that the government has got a proposal that is wrong and contains no plan, and that it hasn’t listened to nor engaged with our community.

The month-long action will allow citizens to tell Dan Andrews and all political parties that we want the plan changed. It is also an opportunity for the broader community to participate in the campaign when it suits them and to be able to show their support in a non-confrontational way.”

Jenzen went on to say, “Time is of the essence to get the plan changed. It’s not yet too late. If the continuing month of action is not your thing, put a sign on your fence, in your house window, your car window or a chalk sign on the footpath to show you care; contact our politicians and candidates of all parties to tell them to change the plan.

Importantly, spread the word. Ballarat cannot afford to have the station precinct destroyed through bad planning. It is our heritage and our station and it is not for sale.

“SOS has developed a plan that is in the best interests of our community and for commuters into the long-term future and it’s achievable.”

Get Dan and Labor to change the plan and ensure that:

  • the station precinct becomes a 21st-century all-abilities accessible transport hub that has adequate parking for the long-term future
  • the station precinct redevelopment contract is renegotiated with the developer, not ripped up
  • the sale of the land and the historic Goods Shed does not proceed
  • the proposed apartments are built on another site entirely
  • the developer completes the already-started multi-level car park and builds another 500 or more car park spaces at ground level
  • the developer is the only one in a position to expedite the urgent works necessary to make the Goods Shed structurally sound, environmentally safe and watertight
  • the rail station facilities are restored and upgraded
  • andthat the north and south station platforms are linked via an under-rail-line pathway that has lifts.

In summary, the Save Our Station (SOS) Month of Community Action campaign seeks to ensure that Daniel Andrews change the plan to ensure $32 million is spent on the station and precinct redevelopment to create a 21st century transport hub and facility, with essential disability access and adequate parking for future commuter parking’.


We hope to see you on Monday.




Your Save Our Station Ballarat Inc Team


Save Our Station Ballarat Inc is a non-partisan, pro-development, not-for-profit community group formed for the purpose of seeing a 21st century transport hub with all abilities access and adequate car parking for future commuter needs, celebrating Ballarat’s unique rail heritage at our historic central Ballarat rail station

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