More Good news for people with mobility/disability issues; who use the Ballarat Railway Station

The new multi-level car park that has no lifts, just ramps is coming soon!  That oversight will be great fun for people with disabilities, older people, those carrying bulky items, people with luggage, mums with a pram and/or a couple of other children and anyone who isn’t feeling well or is temporarily on crutches or in a wheelchair! Definitely no compassion in the planning process (some would call it common sense!)

In the future, once the Multi-Level Car Park is complete, people can look forward to:

  • negotiating the multi-level carpark without lifts,
  • then, if you cannot negotiate the Station pedestrian bridge, you can enjoy an extended trek across the station yard to the pedestrian crossing at Lydiard Steet. The real bonus is; if the gates are going to be locked for an extended period of time they can enjoy a nice and healthy brisk walk via  Doveton Crescent, Armstrong Street and Ararat Street; and
  • at the same time be really optimistic that you will not miss your train.

This scenario is coming soon to Ballarat.

And anyone who is worried by the negative impacts on them they can enjoy some solace that Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford is happy with the project and will be quoted in the Courier on 29 May 2018: “Ms Pulford said up to 140 jobs would be created during the construction of the precinct and another 30 ongoing jobs would be part of the hotel and convention centre stage of the project.”.  Overall, great and impressive benefits, for anyone who wishes to cath a train.

Jaala Pulford can rest assured that people with diabilities and/or mobility issues will also be delighted with her enthusiasm over such a poorly planned project!

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