WARNING: When it comes to Transparency please do not hold your breath if you live in Ballarat.

On Sunday 27th May 2018 Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews (@DanielAndrewMP) made a Facebook post  in respect of the North East Link in Melbourne:

Today, we released the Business Case for the North East Link.

Why is that important? Well, if we’re building the biggest transport project in Victoria’s history, then Victorians deserve complete transparency.

That’s something the previous Government never understood.

In short: The North East Link stacks up.

It delivers $1.30 back to the Victorian economy for every dollar invested.

(The previous Government’s bungled East-West Link did the opposite – returning just 45 cents for every dollar spent.)

It’ll create 10,300 jobs.

It’ll help thousands of people get home from work faster every day.

It’ll take thousands of cars off residential streets – returning local roads to local residents.

And we’re getting it done.

The most astounding part of his post was the clearly written text “Victorians deserve complete transparency“.
What does this actually mean?

Here in Ballarat, ‘actions speak much louder than words‘, so we have pondered, for quite some time, why the State Government has been anything but transparent when it comes to their Ballarat Railway Station Property Development.  They have been unable to be transparent in much of the rationale about why the Ballarat Railway Station land was ever deemed surplus to future requirements, especially as public transport continues to grow rapidly and Ballarat’s population is expected to grow by 40% over the next 2 decades to 20140.

Daniel Andrews’ and his Government need to be honest with the people of Ballarat and introduce the much-needed transparency.

While you are waiting, please do not hold your breath!

27 May 2018

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