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More lies from Labor

07 Nov 2018

After almost 2½ years since making an FOI request for a copy of the implementation business case for the Ballarat Station Precinct, SOS Ballarat has finally received a reply. And the reasons for the shameful delay are immediately obvious.

Whilst heavily redacted, the executive summary  states: “It is acknowledged that this project is not privately commercially viable without government support”. How could the Andrews government give a green light with public money?

Why has the Labor state government gifted so much money to a project that has been deemed not to be commercially viable? Why prop up a new venture – apartments and a meeting space – to compete with existing commercial providers in Ballarat? This isn’t fair.

Why is Daniel Andrews and his cohorts actively working to compete with fledgling conference and accommodation providers in Ballarat? Remember occupation in Ballarat sits at less than 59 per cent. How can they justify this?

And, finally, why has Daniel Andrews lied to the people of Ballarat, as he did last Friday (02/11) on Jon Faine’s program on ABC Radio Melbourne? When he was questioned over car parking at our Ballarat rail station and told there would be fewer car parks than already existed, he said “that wasn’t true”. Mr Andrews, this business plan states there would be 270 free public car parks, which is many fewer than already exist (460), and thanks to SOS agitation, will increase to 407 when the three-level car park, a blight on the historic landscape, is complete!

Your proposal for a block of flats and a meeting space with retail is unwanted, unwarranted and commercially unviable, so why is it proceeding? And why aren’t you investing appropriately for Ballarat’s future? We agree that the historic Goods Shed must be restored but re-adapted for public use.

You have only three weeks before the election. You can rectify this fiasco by simply agreeing to renegotiate the contract so as to deliver a 21st-century transport hub and station hall with disability access across the precinct and car parking for at least 1000 cars.

Ballarat deserves at least the same investment for commuters as every other station on this rail corridor. Why are we being ignored?

OVIC Review Decision and Documents Jenzen 16-19219


Freedom Of Information (FOI)

02 Nov 2018

On 31st October 2018, an E-Mail arrived providing material from one of our FOI requests, relating to the Implementation Business Case for the Ballarat Station Precinct Development Project.  Of interest in the Executive Summary, there is the sentence:

It is acknowledged that this Project is not privately commercially viable without government support.”


Click Here for PDF of Executive Summary.

25 October 2018

Our next Letter Box Delivery is now underway.  Over the next two weeks, we are aiming to deliver our new ‘Station Alert’ Flyer to 20,000 residences in Ballarat, providing a comprehensive set of information that will help to have people better informed when it comes to voting in November.

Once again we urge the Daniel Andrew’s Government to do what is best for Ballarat’s long-term future.

You may download a PDF copy of the New Flyer by Clicking Here.


Labor pushes ahead with station land sale – despite major public opposition 

red area to be privately owned

Above: The Andrews Labor Government Masterplan that sells off half the railway precinct to a private developer for an apartment block with private parking and the historic Goods Shed becoming a retail area.

LABOR seems determined to sell half the land at the Ballarat Rail Station precinct to a private developer for non-transport use.

Shrugging off overwhelming community opposition to the deal and a concerted campaign from Save Our Station Ballarat, the Andrews government refuses to waiver from the sale, which includes a massive sweetener of $21 million to the developer.

Labor appears to think this will go unnoticed by voters in the lead-up to the November state election. It will be relying on a funding announcement late in the campaign of an extra $20 million, or thereabouts, to confuse voters into thinking they have dealt with the issues.
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we vote.png selling half.png

Labor is

Selling Our

Station short!

There is no doubt that Labor is spending big in Ballarat, but not necessarily wisely or in the best interests of our community; it is political “pork barrelling”.

Remember, there is a state election
on 24 November!

We are all in furious agreement that
our central station precinct has become an eyesore through neglect!
The state government, in its ill-conceived proposal, has disregarded the essential transport needs for the future and proposed a land giveaway to a developer for a five-level self-contained Quest apartments complex, not a 4.5 star hotel as promised. It will be a “block of flats”!

Yes, the historic Goods Shed must
be restored. The Andrews government, again as part of this gift, has funded the developer to restore the Goods Shed to create a meeting space with retail outlets.  The convention space will be no larger than the existing spaces already available in Ballarat. And as to retail, has anyone noticed the number of empty shops in the CBD?

SOS proposes that the “block of
flats” be built at another site so that the space is retained for onsite road-level public car parking (an extra 600+ spaces are needed at the station), and that the Goods Shed be re-adapted to become the undercover bus interchange.

More lies from the  Andrews government – and our so-called local minister

Jaala Pulford, Minister for Regional
Development in the Andrews government has stated (Ballarat Times, 11 October) that SOS is telling lies about the rail station precinct project, such as car parking and disability access. NOT TRUE, MINISTER!
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SOS is predicting Labor will announce an extra $20m for the station redevelopment in the last weeks of the election campaign. They will want you to believe this addresses the disability access issues and previously unfunded traffic controls.

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Labor’s Plan


On 3 September this year, Minister Pulford said of Labor’s proposal: We had to do something.”

As far as we are all concerned, Ms Pulford, “something” is not a plan or a strategy.






.The Liberal National Party Coalition Shadow Public Transport Minister, David Davis, during his visit to Ballarat on 2 October, confirmed, “If elected, a Liberal National government will seek to renegotiate the contract for the station redevelopment.” “As it currently stands, there is no coherent plan for the site,” said Joshua Morris, MLC for Western Victoria. “We will work with the community to help fix this mess that Labor has created.”

The Greens have long supported the renegotiation of the contract and
oppose the sale of publicly owned station land for non-transport uses.






SOS has a solid plan for our historic central destination Railway Station and Precinct.

Please Click Here for details of the SOS Plan

Who will you

vote for?

We have less than one month to get Daniel Andrews and his ministers and departments to change the plan for our historic Ballarat central station precinct for the better!

Jaala Pulford, Sharon Knight and Geoff Howard have facilitated this fiasco.

If Ms Pulford and Labor’s new candidates for Buninyong and Wendouree would now engage and listen, all could be sorted out with a strategic plan for our historic Ballarat central rail station and precinct as a 21st-century all-abilities accessible transport hub.

At the November state election, carefully consider whether a party that does not listen to the people deserves the privilege of governing for the people.


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Tuesday 31st July 2018

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31 July 2018

View from the ProvincialAbove: Projected northerly view of the precinct along Lydiard Street.  Looking North from the Provincial Hotel.

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